The Value of the Best Job Fit

Creating the best job fit can be a crucial factor in job satisfac­tion, and the key to employee selection and staff-retention. Whether the focus is on recruitment of new employees or retention of existing syaff, creating alignment between the job and the individual is very important.

The Task Quotient is a unique and simple online assessment that quickly determines the types of task that the job calls for and compares these to the task types that the individual prefers. By ensuring a match between the two, alignment between the employee and the job is assured.

If alignment does not exist, it can lead to decreased productivity, stress, poor performance and high staff-turnover.

TTI Task Quotient Answers Four Key Questions

  • How motivating is the current work environment?
  • How well aligned are the employees with their present jobs, or with a new job?
  • What can easily be done to improve job satisfaction and productivity in the current work environment?
  • What blend of task types create the best job for an individual?

The Three Task Types

TTI Task Quotient looks at the job and the individual separately, and then determines the blend of task types preferred by each. This blend is determined by three percentages for each of the three task types:

  • Routine Tasks are highly predictable and must be accomplished immediately.
  • Troubleshooting Tasks are highly unpredictable and must also be accomplished immediately.
  • Project Tasks are highly predictable, but do not have to be accomplished immediately.

TTI Task Quotient Provides Multiple Benefits

With multiple report versions, this tool can be used in a number of different situations. With the reports and comparison charts, you can define the:

  • Ideal and preferred mixture of task types
  • Present job’s actual and optimal blend of task types
  • Change needed to move from the actual blend to the preferred blend of task types
  • Current level of job satisfaction
  • Action plan to improve job satisfaction

The Task Quotient series makes it simple to deter­mine and create job satisfaction, as well as recruit the right candidates to achieve that satisfaction.