Paper Instruments
Personal Insights Profiles (PIPs)


This 22-page, no mess coin-scratch instrument measures a person's behaviour and helps them understand their own and other people's behavioural styles to improve communication.  It incorporates the four dimensions of normal behaviour with 24 specific graphs that are easy to reference for effective learning.  The instrument is used worldwide for team building seminars, training, counselling, mentoring, customer service, management development, interpersonal communications, and self-development.  This is the most complete and accurate instrument on the market today.


Work Environment


By prioritising activities required by a particular job, the Work Environment Instrument graphically displays the behavioural demands of a job. Then a person's natural or adapted behaviour can be compared to those required by the job and show if behavioural stress levels exist. This is also a very useful tool for comparing two people's perceptions of the job to resolve conflict and performance issues.