Every job that requires human effort has a Work Environment, and this can often be best described in terms of behaviour. Simply put:

“If the job could talk, what behavioural characteristics would it ask for?”

When we match the behavioural style of the person to that of the job they have to do, that person will be better able to perform the job requirements. If the behaviour of the person does not match the job, there will be tension between the job and the person’s natural behaviour, which may affect longevity and work performance.

The Work Environment assessment provides information about the intensity of each of the four behavioural factors D,I,S, and C as they relate to the job, or Work Environment.

By using the Success Insights Wheel we can graphically display the behavioural requirements of the role, together with those of the person being asked to perform the job.  Any likely mismatch is immediately and graphically highlighted.



Work Environment Comparison Report                                

This report compares the behavioural requirements of a job to those of a selected individual whose behavioural style has been assessed using one of our DISC based Style Analysis reports.  The software allows for the comparison to be made against either the person's natural or adapted behaviour.