Motivating Employees – Not All Fun and Games

Spurring employees to action is an age-old problem employers have been attempting to address for ages. How do we get employees to do what WE want them to do? This has proven difficult for a number of reasons.

The crux of the problem is a misconception, that “We can motivate people to do what we want them to do.” People do things for their OWN reasons, not for our reasons. YOU cannot directly motivate them. This leads to two common problems when attempting to motivate.

The first problem is the assumption tha…



Why the Selection Interview doesn’t work

Having sat on both sides of the interview table during the past 30 years I feel I can speak to the issue with some clarity. If you think about it, most interviews can be categorised into several areas. The two that seem to be predominant are the let’s “just visit” interview and the interview where the job candidate is told and sold.

Not much worthwhile is gleaned from the “just visit” interview. I have watched managers and interviewers conduct their interviews in a very loose and unstructured manner. Occasionally, the manager may ask a few general quest…



What’s inside top sales performers?

Research in the USA, Germany and Holland confirm that exceptional sales performance can be predicted, and that top-performing salespeople are similar in very specific ways.  In this blog, we explain the implications for companies, sales people, and those who are accountable for sales performance. 

The most successful organisations know that recruiting the right salespeople is one of the most powerful “secret weapons” in their arsenal of competitive strategies.  What they may not know, is that recruiting top-performers can be as simple as followin…



Matching your Salespeople to your Customers

A couple of years ago, one of our clients asked us to help them expand their local sales team of three into a national sales force of 35.

After just a few months Kevin, one of the first recruits, was failing to meet all his monthly targets.  Everyone had a £2.4 million annual sales goal, or £200k monthly. But Kevin hadn’t managed to make a single sale.  He was, however, “working on several big proposals.”

The Sales Director was convinced Kevin should be replaced. He wanted people who would “hit the ground running” and…