We are the Scottish-based UK Master Distributor of Success Insights profiles and assessments

We are behavioural analysts, management consultants, HR professionals and coaches, working together to serve the business needs of our clients. We are passionate about helping businesses and organisations maximise their potential by optimising the performance of their people.

We do this by providing a wide range of practical solutions to:

  • Define the soft skills, behaviours and values required for optimum performance in each role in the business.

  • Help companies select and recruit the BEST employees – those who fit the role, exceed expectations, are highly motivated and stay. 

  • We help managers and employees understand and value each other's strengths, talents, and motivations, and give them the tools and knowledge to allow them to develop themselves to fulfil their maximum potential.

  • We help companies ensure that their strategy remains aligned between their business goals and their people


Our Mission is to Maximise the Bottom-Line by Optimising Human Performance